Web & App Development

Our team has a vast experience in developing webapps with delightful Ux. Specialized PORGESSIVE WEB APPS, we provide a standalone solution cost-cutting investment that to be incurred into building multiple apps one platform. All our apps are well aligned to multidevice accessibility as well as multi world of mobile and web world. Be it an iOS app or android we have multi-level team right from designing of interface to testing of the app before publishing. All are done with passion and quality to deliver rich and flawless user experience.


The foremost thing user needs while experiencing an app is an attractive user interface and experience. Fast loading and reaction of content without losing graphical interface and multi compatibility over every device and platform and operating systems. The front end is the part where an app look and user interface are turned into reality from customers' ideas. For these, a creative and technical mind comes together.
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For a strong frontend team required a strong backend. We at tiptop having a technical expertise in handling complex coding that can support a dream app and run-on various platform without facing and issues. Not just coding knowing the nuance of coding that can work and give of seamless user experience keeping current trend requirement is our USP.


At TipTop we give a one-stop solution for all apps. Apps that are fitted into different domains like lifestyle apps, Educational apps, Social media apps, Productivity apps, Gaming apps, and so on. Our team with technical expertise can handle the development of Native apps, Web apps, or Hybrid apps. Not just building apps, technical and maintenance support is the foremost importance for TipTop Groups.
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The most used platform by a user. And when most used, even App required to be more appealing and accurate. With a team of technically sound engineers to make android apps. We commit to several steps to ensure the app is ready to rock. In a typical process building, an app involves several things like, Translating customer's ideas and vision into a strategically fitting design outline and content.


iOS app development is most technically challenged as most of the engineers are experienced in another platform. But we have a team of experts who handles iOS development professionally. Our general workflows go out as, Sketching out the requirements of the app. Analyzing content and making a wireframe for the app. Designing an appealing UX/Ui. Developing the whole series of codes and content for the client's requirements.


As names suggest the app, which has a combination of web and native features is called a Hybrid app. Building this app required a specific programming of HTML and JAVA, And as well complicated tools and involved. Though the architecture is the same as normal apps. The functionality of the app is at a high level. And TipTop Groups always takes challenges of creating unique and output-driven applications. Hybrid apps are great examples to handle complicated data flow with ease. Best examples are Twitter, Gmail, Instagram, etc.
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